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Ril Productions is a video production company, based in Milan, but active throughout Europe, which puts the client first and provides the best communication tools to achieve objectives and targets.

We provide video service, we shoot institutional and non-institutional events, we produce commercials, corporate videos, documentaries, music videos and we make sure to always provide the highest possible quality at affordable prices.

Since 2020, we have also been offering the Zoom Producer service, designed specifically to help our clients communicate professionally and effectively through virtual reality, creating broadcast-level events.


Our mission is to tell stories that inspire, through videos that excite. And enable all businesses, of any size, to tell their story in the most engaging way possible, with the best available technology, and at a sustainable price.


Art is one of the highest forms of expression of an individual's freedom. Effective communication is what allows us to know the Other and, by contrast, ourselves. Telling inspiring stories in a world where everyone is free to do so is our greatest desire.





The first phase of pre-production is always the discovery phase: talking and meeting with the client is essential to understand the message, the tone, and the atmosphere of the video we will produce. We combine this with research into competing brands and their forms of communication, to make sure we create a unique product.

Together with our scriptwriter, we then devise a concept, which is adapted to the client's needs and expresses the message in a clear and aesthetically pleasing manner. Based on this, we write a storyboard for the video, made up of shots, dialogue, voice-overs, music, and anything else that will serve to create an emotional connection with the audience.

If necessary for the production, we carry out casting of actors and actresses, look for filming locations and carry out one or more inspections to personally ensure that everything is in order. At the end we do a budgeting exercise, explaining to the client exactly how their money will be used and how we will ensure they get the best possible outcome with the budget set.



This is the stage where all the pre-production efforts pay off. The concept and message have been defined, the storyboard has been written, and the locations studied in detail. It's time to take action: filming begins!

Thanks to our professional crew - consisting of a director, cinematographer, camera operator, sound engineer, set designer, and drone operator - we use the best cameras and equipment available on the market in the audio and lighting departments, to guarantee the client a final product with cinematic appeal for every budget available.



Once the filming is finished, we come to the editing and post-production phase. Using the industry's top of the line software (Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer) we creatively assemble the material we have shot, respecting the storyboard.

In addition to the video editing, we provide audio editing carried out by a sound designer who, depending on the available budget, produces an ad hoc soundtrack for the project or makes an accurate choice among those already available in our database, giving the video a unique depth.

Next comes the color grading phase for the images: often underestimated, it represents the added value of any good video product. Using programs such as Da Vinci Resolve Studio and Color Finale, and working "scene by scene", we correct imperfections and give the client the opportunity to choose from a wide range of moods, styles and atmospheres. We also offer the possibility of "imitating" the colors and styles of some of the most famous movies in the history of Cinema.


If it can be written, or thought about, it can be filmed
- Stanley Kubrick -



I cannot recommend Igor highly enough!! I have worked with him for MANY years and he is my go to person for anything production, filming, video, editing, photography (and more) related. When your busy like me and just need someone to 'take it over' that you trust will deliver and at an extremely high level of quality you need Igor by your side. I have put him in front of countless high end clients and he continues to impress them also. Happy to offer further recommendations and for anyone to reach out to me directly if you require further assurance.

— Victoria Soor
International Events Manager | YPO

Igor is our touchstone for video production of corporate videos. We have been working together for some years now, and I can say creativity, expertise, reliability, versatility, value-for-money are the main qualities of Ril Productions. Moreover, during Covid pandemic, they have added to their top services also the production of virtual events on Zoom platform and similar ones.

— Francesco Moneta
CEO | The Round Table

I had the pleasure to work with Igor and his team now more then 5 years. His availability at the professional and human level are the reason I continue asking him to come back and work for us in different occasions! Beautiful and smart work - thanks Igor - highly recommended.

— Shai Misan
Member of the Board Hadassah International (YHI), Insiel | Chair Elect YPO Europe | Vice President UWC Foundation

What a great creative talent - Igor and his team have that unmistakable Italian style and they bring it to their video projects. I met him at a YPO event I was speaking at and was so impressed with the video they sent out after that I hired him for my own projects!

— Patrick Sweeney
Fear Guru | Keynote & TEDx Speaker | Fmr Chairman Sports | Entertainment Network YPO

I got in touch with Ril Productions because I wanted my latest video clip to be professionally produced and shot. And I must say that I was very satisfied with Ril and Igor: they are creative, precise, and willing to meet any client's request to give them the highest quality possible. And then what matters most: the video clip is really cool!

— Cavallini
Musician and Frontman | The Squirters

We have relied on Ril Productions for several jobs. From the first moment, Igor was very helpful and confident in his work. We've been collaborating for a couple of years now and every one of his implementations always meets our needs. If you are looking for professionalism, Ril Productions will know how to accommodate you.

— Danilo Romano
CEO | Offishina

Great professionals with style and taste, ready to solve any problem along the way. We at Minima Theatralia have created all the video-documentaries for our projects with Igor Riccelli! Again, thank you for the magnificent work.

— Marta Maria Marangoni
Director and Actress | Minima Theatralia

I have used Ril Productions on several occasions. The last time, having opened a new business, I contacted them to produce our presentation video. As with my other experiences with them, this one went very well. High professionalism, great availability by the owner, and a short response time. The prices are great, unlike so many others, and the quality is really high. If there were 10 stars I could give, I would.

— Eleonora Perico
CEO | Bigoli Milano

They are professionals! Flexibility and intelligence in understanding the needs are two of the values that distinguish Ril Productions... precision, attention to detail, and research are the complete package.

— Virginia Piazza
Event Project Manager | The Round Table

We met Igor and Ril Productions in September 2018, when we needed to shoot a documentary about an outdoor urban green intervention. Igor and his team captured wonderful moments and the result was well beyond expectations: editing, images, perfect timing. Both roadside shots and interviews were very well done. The second meeting was for work done at a climate change conference, again with excellent results. In the field: professional to the max, discreet, autonomous, flexible.

— Sebastian Brocco
Researcher | CORE-Lab & Edizioni Green Planner

Excellent! From start to finish working with Ril Productions was fantastic. From briefing, filming, editing to final product they were communicative, creative and responsive. I absolutely love the finished product. Hire them!

— Jamie Edwards
Professional Coach & Keynote Speaker | Purpose Republic

I have had the opportunity to work with Ril Productions on several occasions, and have always been very pleased with the result. Professional, concrete, and competent, I particularly appreciated their ambition and constant search for the highest quality.

— Daniele Lacelli
Communication Manager & Founder | Link107

I met Ril Productions a year ago, when the company of artists I work with needed to rely on a professional filming and editing company to document theatrical performances and socio-cultural projects. The result? Rare commitment and dedication, lots of quality combined with understanding, patience, resilience, and an excellent final result! A collaboration that I hope will be fruitful and long-lasting. All I can say is: "Thank you!"

— Dianora Zacché
Theatre Assistant Producer | Minima Theatralia

I met Igor Riccelli and Ril Productions a few years ago during an edition of the "DiGaviInGavi" festival, and I had the opportunity to appreciate their competence and professionalism, both during video shooting and editing. I immediately liked Ril Productions' dynamic style, and very high quality audio/video end result. So I tried to get to know them and "grab them" for a video presentation of my portal, Gavi Wine Land. Igor and his team are professional, reliable, competent, serious, and discreet. I hope that the collaboration with Ril Productions will continue for a long time to come. Thanks!

— Maurizio Ravera
Professional photographer & CEO | GaviWineLand

Ril Production's Igor is fantastic both as a videographer and editor. He has been a very important part of our team and I would highly recommend him as a resource! He is not only easy to communicate with, but he works very hard to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the finished product. He added excellent creativity to a video that we hired him to complete.

— Laquita Ann Cleare
Administrator CEO - Producer | Clear Media Training

We immediately realized the seriousness of the offer. Specifically, we needed the recording of three interviews for educational purposes. Ril Productions showed attention to the client, to understand our needs, and subsequently, expertise in carrying out the project, providing us with a full and professional filming crew. Delivery deadline met and final changes made with availability. For a company in a different industry like ours, it was critical that we were able to rely on their expertise.

— Marco Malandra
External Relations | Raffaello Cortina Editore

We worked with Ril Productions on several creative projects that involved multimedia. They are, first and foremost, very reliable and serious people who always adapt to the client's needs. Like all startups, our budget had to be used carefully, and the team at Ril adapted perfectly to our context. They organized high quality shoots with very professional collaborators, optimizing costs and resources, and also provided great creative input.

— Massimo Bello
Founder & CEO | Wekiwi SRL

Great people, present and able to listen and understand the client's needs. Without a doubt, I would recommend Ril Productions for any type of video production.

— Armando Toscano
Psychologist of Suburban Communities & Founder | CORE-Lab

YPO Italy Chapter hired Ril Productions for video coverage of some corporate events in Milan and Rome and I am fully satisfied with their work. Careful budget management, professionalism, and ability to solve all the logistical problems that arose from time to time were definitely strengths. In addition to this, there is a lot of creativity and absolute quality video editing. We will certainly work together in the future as well!

— Barbara Mori
Administrator | YPO Italy & Rome Chapter

The best solution we could find: Ril Productions' staff is prepared, efficient, and above all, they are very creative.

— Raffaello Carpentieri
Founder & CEO | YouBrico

I have been collaborating with Igor from Ril Productions for about five years. His main qualities are undoubtedly his flexibility and ability to achieve any objective set by the clients, and to meet their every need. He is also very skilled as a counselor and advisor: he is always able to suggest the best solution for any client need.

— Valentino Klose
Opera Stage Director - Journalist | Mediaset SpA




Ril Productions is a video production company, based in Milan, but active throughout Europe, which puts the client first and provides the best communication tools to achieve objectives and targets. We shoot institutional and non-institutional events, produce commercials, documentaries, music videos, produce virtual events on Zoom, and ensure that we always provide the highest possible quality at lower prices than our competitors.


Ril Productions
12, Delle Leghe Street
20127, Milan (IT)

P. IVA: 08252540961


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